The S.League Virtual Championship Belt

S.League Virtual Championship (SLVC) 2010 Watch

Current Holder: Sengkang Punggol (1st title in 10 seasons over 13 years! Congrats!!)

Mini-League Leader: Tampines

Matches Played This Season: .. Mini-League Standings:
05-Feb Gombak... 0-1 Tampines. # Team---- P W-D-L Pts
16-Feb Albirex.. 1-3 Tampines. 1. Tampines 9 5-3-1 18
19-Feb Tampines. 1-1 SAFFC.... 2. Geylang- 7 4-2-1 14
09-Mar Tampines. 3-0 Y.Lions.. 3. Y.Lions-- 7 2-3-2 9
16-Mar Beijing.. 1-2 Tampines. 4. Gombak--- 5 2-1-2 7
22-Mar Tampines. 1-1 Etoile... 5. Sengkang- 4 2-1-1 7
31-Mar Woodlands 0-4 Tampines. 6. SAFFC---- 4 1-1-2 4
09-Apr Tampines. 0-0 Home..... 7. Etoile--- 2 1-1-0 4
24-Apr Tampines. 0-1 Geylang** 8. Beijing-- 4 1-0-3 3
03-May Albirex.. 1-2 Geylang.. 9. Home----- 1 0-1-0 1
07-May Geylang.. 0-0 Gombak... 10.Albirex-- 4 0-1-3 1
15-May Balestier 0-2 Geylang.. 11.Balestier 2 0-0-2 0
18-May Geylang.. 0-0 Y.Lions.. 12.Woodlands 1 0-0-1 0
22-May Beijing.. 0-1 Geylang.. ......................
01-Jun Geylang.. 0-3 SAFFC..** ......................
04-Jun SAFFC.... 0-1 Gombak.** ......................
07-Jun Gombak... 1-1 Albirex.. ......................
10-Jun Y.Lions.. 1-0 Gombak.** ......................
17-Jun Y.Lions.. 1-0 SAFFC.... ......................
25-Jun Y.Lions.. 1-1 Albirex.. ......................
29-Jun Sengkang. 2-2 Y.Lions.. ......................
08-Jul Beijing.. 1-0 Y.Lions** ......................
18-Jul Sengkang. 1-0 Beijing.. ......................
23-Jul Sengkang. 1-0 Balestier ......................
27-Jul Etoile... 1-0 Sengkang. ......................
05-Aug Etoile... ?-? Woodlands ......................

** Title changed hands

2010 Combined Table of Domestic Competitions, as at 7-Mar (after League Cup Final)

# Team----- P W-D-L F-A P- GD
1 Etoile-- 6 5-1-0 12-5 16 +7
2 Sengkang 7 4-1-2 13-9 13 +4
3 Tampines-- 4 2-1-1 5-3 7 +2
4 Gombak---- 6 2-1-3 7-8 7 -1
5 Woodlands- 6 1-4-1 6-7 7 -1
6 Geylang--- 5 1-3-1 5-5 6 0
7 SAFFC----- 4 1-2-1 5-6 5 -1
8 Home------ 3 1-1-1 4-4 4 0
9 Y.Lions--- 4 0-3-1 4-5 3 -1
10 Balestier 4 1-0-3 4-7 3 -1
11 Albirex-- 4 0-2-2 3-6 2 -3
12 Beijing-- 3 0-1-2 1-4 1 -3

S.League All-Time Table Watch (up to 19-Feb-2010: break for League Cup)

# Teams---- Ssn P-- W---D--L-- F---A-- Pts GD--
01 SAFFC---- 15 391 261-69-061 964-460 854 +504 *
02 Home----- 15 389 219-70-100 812-517 729 +295 *
03 Tampines- 15 390 191-83-116 754-535 659 +219 *
04 Geylang-- 15 391 175-84-132 659-518 612 +141 *
05 Woodlands 15 389 142-95-152 618-637 519 -019 *
06 Balestier 15 390 100-88-202 535-783 390 -248 *
07 Tjg.Pagar 09 234 100-46-086 399-385 350 +014
08 Gombak-- 11 259 82-64-113 366-437 310 -071 *
09 Yng.Lions 8 216 76-51-089 330-362 280 -032 *
10 Jurong--- 7 179 70-36-073 261-274 253 -013
11 Albirex-- 7 183 66-50-067 282-276 248 +006 *
12 Sengkang 11 292 52-64-176 303-624 228 -321 *
13 Sembawang 7 207 53-52-102 256-405 216 -149
14 SuperReds 3 96 41-20-35 144-146 143 -02
14 Clementi 4 110 22-29-59 150-261 95 -111
16 Sinchi--- 3 87 22-19-46 109-166 88 -057
17 Liaoning- 1 33 8-5-20 33-63 29 -30
19 Afrique-- 1 30 5-9-16 36-58 24 -22
20 Dalian--- 1 33 5-7-21 26-75 22 -49
20 Etoile FC 1 02 1-1-00 03-02 04 +01 *
21 PayaLebar 1 27 1-1-25 23-78 04 -55
22 Beijing-- 1 02 0-1-01 00-01 01 -01 *
23 Brun.DPMM 1 00 0-0-00 00-00 00 000 **

"*" : teams active in current season
"**": Brunei DPMM's results in 2009 expunged due to FIFA ban.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Season Tickets: Gombak United

Gombak United (also no mention of season tickets):

All members are entitled to the following :-

1) Access to GFC Club House at Gombak Sports Hall.

2) Great bargains & the purchase of Limited Edition Merchandise.

3) Privilege to participate in Fan Club Activities.

What are you waiting for? Join us today!

Contact us right now!

Quick Replies from Gombak courtesy of their responsive rep:

Unfortunately, replicas are in short supply this season and at this point, none is available. I may be able to assist you on this matter come July/August.

You may catch the match attire on the official S.League website at sleague Portal : Homepage and click on clubs link and navigate to Gombak United.

Our Club offers only adult ($5.00) and student ($1.00) tickets for sale on match days. (which imply no season ticket offerings)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Season Tickets: SAFFC

SAFFC: (no info on season-ticket only package)


For just S$10/-(Adult), you will get to enjoy the following benefits:

-Clubhouse facilities (Jackpot Machines & Cafeteria)
-$1/- discount from the purchase price of an adult ticket for any home match

Call 6892 5811 now!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Season Tickets: Geylang United

Geylang United: (Didn't mention explicitly about season ticket though...)

Club MemberShip

Sign up as a Club member and enjoy the following benefits:
• Access to Club facilities such as Jackpot Room, Gymnasium
• Members' rates on Eagles Merchandise
• Members' rates for Young Eagles Soccer (YES) Camp & other programmes 
• Members' rates for Club-organised activities
• Members' rates for rental of Club facilities

Membership Rates (Yearly):
Adult Membership (New Applicant) - $88.00
Adult Membership (Renewal) - $13.00
Junior Membership (New Applicant) - $37.45
Junior Membership (Renewal) - $ 6.45
Conversion - $32.10
Guest Fee - $ 2.50

For more information, please call 6441 8020.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Season Tickets: Sengkang Punggol

Sengkang Punggol FC 2009 Season Ticket

Good news to all avid fans of Sengkang Punggol Football Club, the management has decided to launch a special package offer to bundle all SPFC home games (including those scheduled at Jalan Besar Stadium for Friday night televised game) for the 2009 season.

Family Season Ticket*

Consist of 2 adults and 2 children tickets
Original Price: $192
Special Package Price: $105
You saved: $87 (43.5%)

Single Season Ticket*

Consists of 1 adult ticket
Original Price: $80
Special Package Price: $45
You saved: $35 (43.75%)

*Terms & Conditions Applied

Other Privileges for Season Ticket Holders

Although it is not 100% confirmed at this juncture, the club will open up 2 sections of the VIP seating specially for season ticket holders for better viewing pleasure. However gentlemen are advised to be dressed in pants/jeans and proper footwear (no flip flops).

For reservations, purchase and more enquiries, please contact:

Attention to: James or Robert
Address: Sengkang Punggol Football Club, 100 Hougang Avenue 2, Hougang Stadium, Singapore 538856
Tel: +65 6385 5667
Fax: +65 6385 8211
Office Hours: 10 am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Season Tickets: Home United

HUFC Season Ticket Benefits
09 April 2009

Being a Home United Football Club Season Ticket holder, you will be entitled to the following:

- Free entry to all HUFC home games at Clementi Stadium.

- 20% discount for member’s children to attend soccer clinics, camps organized by HUFC.

- Privilege to participate in activities organized by Home United Fan Club (tour, party etc.)

- 20% discount off all HUFC merchandises at Home United Fan Club, Clementi Stadium.

- And many more discount and privileges from our sponsors that will be announced from time to time on our website or through broadcast.

- 15% discount off all Kappa products at leading outlets at Jurong Point, VivoCity and Queensway Shopping Centre upon proof of the membership card.
For any other queries, do not hesitate to call HUFC @ Tel: 63525611.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Season Tickets: Woodlands Wellington

The Club’s Season Passes are for sale at $15 for this year. Entitlement for Season Pass holders are as follows:


The Club’s VIP Season Passes are for sale at $30 for this year. Entitlement for VIP Season Pass holders are as follows:


WWFC’s jerseys are available for view at our Ram’s Booth at the central entrance of Woodlands Stadium on Home Match Days from 6.15pm onwards. Please note that you will have to make the orders followed by a deposit or full payment for the jerseys before hand to facilitate our orders. A receipt will be issued to you for each deposit or full payment paid for our merchandise. Our friendly Club staff will follow up with a phone call once the jerseys are ready for collection. The price for the jerseys will also be made known to you according to your jersey preference ( club logo, sponsor logo etc) at the booth.

You will also be able to enjoy a 10% discount off VIP Season Pass and Season Pass and 10% off all merchandise if you become an Ordinary Member of WWFC at $5.00.

Should you have any enquiries, please contact Mr.Sekar our Clubhouse Exec at 9127 7191 or the Club at 6367 1080.

Ordinary Membership Application Form

Fan Club Membership Application Form

Fan Club Membership Fee = $50

Fan Club Members Benefits

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

ZaoBao: Singapore has "football fans"?

● 陈汇崑 


  但如果为“足球迷”这三个字设下更严格的定义,一般的新加坡足球爱好者或许充其量只能说是“英超迷”或 “大牌球队迷”,而并非真正的“足球迷”。 

  新加坡人近年来对于足球的喜好可说是相当耐人寻味的。不久前利物浦对曼联的“双红大战”,相信看球的新 加坡人都会去留意。然而,七天前在惹兰勿刹体育场举行的军团对垒韩国水原三星蓝翼的亚洲冠军联赛战役,竟只 吸引了3867人前去观赛,人数不过比一般的新联赛战役多一些而已。 

  亚冠赛没有欧洲的版本那样吸引人,这是不争的事实。但亚冠赛并非是年年都会在新加坡出现的赛事,而由韩 国前足球名将车范根领导的水原在未来10年里,也不一定会再踏上新加坡国土,喜欢足球的国人应该不会错过一 睹“韩国球风”的机会吧? 

  是因为经济不景气,没有多余的钱去购票吗(但普通看台门票只需5元)?还是因为比赛在周中举行,大家还 未放工,根本没空去观赛?换成是曼联或利物浦前来,情况会是如此吗? 

  回到去年7月。巴西国奥队来到我国热身时,尽管该队有罗纳尔迪尼奥(Ronaldinho)和帕托(P ato)这些球星助阵,也只有3万3650人买票入场观赛。 

  新加坡人不爱到现场看球?那可不一定。新加坡国家队去年在铃木杯半决赛对垒越南时,就有将近5万人到场 支持。笔者的电话在新加坡确定进入半决赛时已响个不停,多名友人向我询问是否有办法帮他们弄到 免费门票。 

  这是否意味着,只有当赫赫有名的英超和欧洲球会前来时、只有在新加坡有机会争夺冠军时,国人才愿意从“ 沙发球迷”变成现场观众?
曾有同行提出这样的观察:新加坡人似乎比较喜欢亲自去参加体育活动,而对于观看体育赛事,却不那么热衷,除 非是像F1赛车这样的世界级体育赛事。所以,我们会看到越来越多人参加马拉松赛、越野长跑、铁人三项等,但 要他们买票进体育场观看一般的球赛,他们好像不怎么在乎。 

  我国将在未来几年内建筑体育城,其中一个合作伙伴世界体育集团曾拟议在体育城竣工后,创立亚细安超级足 球联赛,并在全年引入多项国际赛事供国人观赏。问题是,如果没有世界级的运动员、不是世界级的比赛,这类赛 事会不会在空荡荡的场馆内举行?

Singapore has "football fans"? 

● Chan Wui Kun 

Singapore has no football fans? This seems to be a superfluous and unnecessary questions. However, if the "football fans" It's words set a more stringent definition, the Singapore soccer fans in general may, at best, can only be described as "England fans" or "big-name team fans", rather than real "football fans" . 

Singaporean soccer preferences in recent years can be described as quite intriguing. Not long ago, Liverpool and Manchester United's "double-red World War II", I believe that Singaporeans will go to watch a soccer match attention. However, seven days ago at Jalan Besar Stadium against Legionella Suwon Samsung Blue Wings of Asian Champions League campaign, has attracted only 3867 people went to watching, the total number than many of the new league campaign some more. 

AFC Champions Tour version is not as attractive in Europe, this is an indisputable fact. 

AFC Champions Tour but is not every year the event occurred in Singapore, while the former football star from Korea's Cha Bum-kun Suwon Leaders at the next 10 years will not necessarily set foot on Singapore territory, enjoy the football people should not miss to see the "ball Korea Wind" opportunity, right? 

Yes because the economic downturn, there is no extra money to purchase? (but general grandstand tickets only 5 dollars)? Or because competition held in the week, yet everyone off work, the fundamental concept of race did not go empty? Are replaced by Manchester United or Liverpool to come, the situation will be like this? 

Back in July last year. Brazil Olympic team warm-up time came to our country, even though the team has Ronaldinho (Ronaldinho) and Pato (Pato) of these players back, and only 33,650 people watching admission ticket. 

Singaporeans do not love to the scene to watch a soccer match? That does not necessarily. Singapore national team last year in Suzuki Cup semi-final against Vietnam, there are nearly 50,000 people arrived at the scene support. The author of the phone in Singapore to determine when to enter the semi-finals have been ringing non-stop, more than a friend asking me whether there are ways to help them get free tickets. 

Less than a month time, when Singapore at the Asian Cup qualifying round against Jordan, the author has the hands free tickets nobody cares. Does this mean that, only when the famous English Premier League and Europe will be coming to the ball, only in Singapore has the opportunity to compete for Championship, the country is willing to talent from the "Sofas fans" into the audience? 

Peer had made the following observation: Singaporeans seems to be more personally enjoy go take part in sports activities, and for watching sports events, but not so enthusiastic about, unless it is like F1 racing this world class sporting events. Therefore, we will see more and more people take part in marathon, cross-country long-distance running, triathlon, etc., but want them to buy into the stadium watch the game in general, if they do not care about. 

Our country will be in the next few years building Sports City, a partner in one of the World Sport Group had proposed in the Sports City is completed, the creation of ASEAN, Premier League and at international competitions throughout the year for the introduction of a number of people viewing. The question is, if there is no world-class athletes, rather than a world-class competition, such events will not be held in empty stadiums?

ZaoBao: Club Relocations cut Fans Loyalty (球会搬家削弱球迷归属感)

Quite a rare/nice article on Local Football:

● 齐裕鎏

  日前到巴刹买水果时,看见水果摊的少东又穿着军团球迷的汗衫。付钱时顺口问他:还有到场为军团打气吗? 他回答说:“很少了,自从他们搬到蔡厝港之后,已经很少去看他们的比赛了。”

  这名少东曾是军团的“死硬派”球迷,多年前每当在裕廊体育场采访新加坡职业足球联赛时,总是看到他在那 里为军团打气。裕廊体育场是军团的旧主场,他们后来搬到蔡厝港体育场,并以那里为新的主场。

  我不知道像这名少东这样的例子有多少,即在自己支持的球队搬家后,便很少去看他们的比赛。但我相信,球 会搬家肯定无助于球迷建立他们的归属感,在新加坡尤其如此。与其他国家的联赛一样,参加新加坡联赛的球会也 是以所在地为据点(主场),如淡滨尼流浪以淡滨尼体育场为主场,兀兰威灵顿以兀兰体育场为主场。球会希望球 赛在自己的主场举行时,住在那里的居民都能到场支持,成为他们的拉拉队。

  军团并不是唯一搬家的球会,内政部联队也在今年搬到金文泰体育场,因为它的主场碧山体育场获选为明年青 奥运的赛场之一,需要翻新。我不知道在内政部联队搬家之后,有多少住在碧山的球迷,还继续跑到金文泰体育场 为他们捧场,就像我不知道金文泰卡沙与马里士他合并之后,有多少住在金文泰的球迷继续前往大巴窑体育场观看 他们的比赛一样。必须一提的是,这并不是内政部联队第一次搬家,当他们还称为警察的时候,他们的主场是惹兰 勿刹体育场。

  新加坡面积小,加上国人常搬家,使球会在培养球迷的归属感时,原本已面对一定的困难。如果球会也动不动 就搬家的话,将更难得到球迷的认同。我国的球迷与其他国家的毕竟不一样,以英超为例,因为他们的历史悠久, 许多球会的球迷甚至是世袭的。

  提到裕廊体育场,便不能不提它最早的主人裕廊足球队。每当在IMM看到它设在那里的投注站大排长龙时, 心里总是在想,这支辉煌一时,获得不少西部球迷支持的球队在筹到足够的经费之后,是否还会重返新加坡职业联 赛,还是像许多老牌球队一样,从此在足坛消失。

  裕廊队受到球迷欢迎的一个主要原因,就是多年来,它一直以裕廊为基地,与那里的球迷建立起 深厚的感情。足总其实有义务协助如裕廊等老牌球队重返新加坡职业联赛,这些球队的地方色彩浓厚,有一定的支持者,有他们 参加的比赛,场面十分热闹。
English Translation with Google:

Went To the Market to buy fruit a few days ago saw the Shaodong Fruits Stall Legion also wearing a T-shirt fans. To pay him when just asked: Legion also boost the morale of the scene for? Him back FOR said: "The few, since they moved to Choa Chu Kang, the already rarely go to their game of." 

The Legion Shaodong was the "die-hard" fans, many years ago when at an interview with Singapore's Jurong Stadium when professional football leagues, always see him there 
Cheer for the Legion. Jurong Stadium Legion are the old home, they later moved to Choa Chu Kang Stadium, and there for the new home. 

I do not know like this Shaodong the number of such examples, that is, at its own support team to move, they rarely look at their game. However, I believe, the ball Will move certainly does not help fans set up their sense of belonging, especially in Singapore. League with other countries, like Singapore take part in league club also is the location for the base (home), such as stray Tampines to Tampines Stadium for the home, Woodlands Wellington to Woodlands Stadium for the home. The ball will want the ball tournament held at their home, the live scene in support of all residents, to be their cheerleaders. 

Legion is not the only club to move, the Ministry of the Interior United also moved to Clementi Stadium this year, because it's home Bishan Stadium next year, Green was elected one of the Olympic stadium, the renovation required. I do not know at the Ministry of the Interior United after moving, how many fans live in Bishan, Clementi also continued to go to the stadium for them to join in, just like I do not know Clementi and Balestier Khalsa After the merger, the number living in Clementi fans continue to go to Toa Payoh Stadium Views like their game. I must mention, this is not the Ministry of the Interior United first move, when they called the police, they are the home Jalan Besar Stadium. 

Singapore's small size, coupled with regular people to move, so the ball will cultivate a sense of belonging among the fans, the original must have been the face of difficulties. If the club is also the drop of a hat moving on, then fans will be more difficult to get recognition. China's fans, after all, with other countries are not the same, to the Premiership as an example, because of their long history, lot of clubs and even the fans are hereditary. 

Jurong Stadium mentioned, we must mention it as early as the masters of football Jurong. Whenever at IMM to see it in the off-course betting centers, where long queues, the heart 
Always think that this glorious moment, access to many western fans support the team at adequately funded, the Whether or not professional league will return to Singapore, or as much like a veteran team, then disappearing at football. 

Jurong fans welcomed the team by one of the main reasons is that over the years, it has been based in Jurong, and where fans establish deep feelings for it. In fact, the obligation to help the Football Association and other veteran teams such as Jurong Singapore to return to professional league, these teams feature strong, must have supporters, they have take part in the competition, and the scene was very lively.